Good Day Interview

Forever Country

Forever Country went live!

Middle of March 2021 Miss Jolene caught the attention of Good Day Sacramento.

Tina, one of the anchors on the show reached out wanting to feature Forever Country. I couldn't believe it not even a month into Jolene being on the road and she was getting the attention of the news stations. I was shocked, excited, and nervous, I pretty much had every emotion run through me all at once. I couldn't believe it my business was going live on TV!

We set a day. April 19th, Jolene The Gypsy Wagon was going LIVE!

Here are the two segments we did on Good Day! 

Segment #1 Here

Segment #2 Here

This was an absolutely amazing experience and I am so grateful for everyone who has made this dream possible. If I could give just a little advice to anyone with a dream, GO FOR IT! Never give up, never doubt yourself and always stay true to who your are, never let anyone tell you who to be. I doubted myself 80% of the time and never believed that I was good enough, but there was one thing I never did and that was give up!

I never thought that I would be where I am today, I am so happy that in the end I believed in myself and I believed in my dream. Never in a million years would have thought that my business would be on TV.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!