Do you ever dream about living a life doing what you love?

Do you have passions for multiple things but don't know which is the right one?

Maybe you have a passion to be a doctor, or maybe you want to start your own business, maybe you want to be a photographer or maybe turn a hobby into a career.

Whatever it may be a passion is a passion as long as it makes you happy.

Finding that passion may be tough, but I'm gonna list a few ways that I was able to find mine, and hopefully it will help you find yours!

Let's start off with the definition. The meaning of the word passion is "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” Now think about that. Do you have something, a hobby or maybe a dream that makes you feel this way? If the answer is yes you are on the right track. If no that’s okay these steps could help.

I wanna first start off by saying, in the beginning I did not know what I wanted to do. I mean even when I had narrowed down where I was going to go to college and what I wanted to study (fashion Design) I still wasn't really sure which direction I was going to take.

I had no idea where to start or how to do it. All I knew was I wanted to be my own boss, do something that made me happy and that brought be joy and have my own boutique that was different and unique. So I stuck with that vision and dream and never gave up and made it a reality!

So with that in mind these are 5 things that helped me really dial in what I wanted!

1) Change Your Perspective:

First you need to change your perspective. You need to believe that you can live your passion. If you believe that there is no way you can you are already setting yourself up for failure. Change your mindset and believe in the possibility. You must be open for adventure, and know that life doesn’t have to be hard. Imagine what you want and make it happen. This is absolutely one of the most important step, if you can’t change your mindset and believe in yourself than you will not make it.

2) Look At What You Love/Brainstorm:

Sit down somewhere quiet or somewhere you feel safe and comfortable and start thinking and dreaming. Write things down, this could be anything, and it doesn’t have to be an organized list. What are your hobbies, or what is something you have been wanting to do but haven’t tried yet. Come up with what you might like to do, or things you know make you happy. It doesn't have to be just one, it can be one or it can be ten. Ask yourself these questions: What do I like to talk about? What do I love talking and teaching others about? Think deep, and think about what you do on a daily basis that you love doing more than anything.

3) Examine Your Fears:

One way to find your passion is finding out what scares you. Do you think about quitting your job to start your own business but the thought of that terrifies you? Maybe you want to start walking dogs, or start a blog or maybe starting a YouTube channel, but all these thoughts make your stomach turn? Well if it excites you and scares at the same time than that’s a sign it’s your passion. Stop letting that fear hold you back from doing something that lights up your soul.

4) Look At The Bigger Picture/Ask Around:

Now when you have narrowed down what you think you want to pursue start to ask around, do some research and see what others are doing. Read books google search, watch videos on the topic the more you know the better. Ask friends, family, strangers, and pick their brains. More often than not you’ll find people are more than willing to give advice and share their success. And the more you learn about it, the higher your possibility of success will be. 

5) Put It To Action:

Now the last thing is taking the leap. What is stopping you? You have all the right tools now you need to bring it to life and start living your passion. Remember it will take time but it won’t happen if you don’t start. Just think you are only 5 steps away from finding your passion and living a life you always dreamed of, full of success and happiness. 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to start over, perhaps you found your passion but a few months down the line you discover that it wasn’t for you. Start over and find a new one, follow the same steps and find that new and improved passion. You may have more than one passion in your lifetime, don’t be afraid to explore all possibilities. Just remember to never give up, success doesn't come easy and giving up early is a sure way to fail!

Never Give Up!




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